Pokemon Black  User Review for Nintendo DS
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Pokemon Black Cheats


  Reviewer: Bes
  Posted: May 19, 2013
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  Pokemon Black/White are the 5th Generation of Pokemon games and take place in the Unova Region. You take up the role of a young trainer just about to receive his first Pokemon. Eventually, you are tasked with filling a Pokedex and off you go on another grand adventure! But is Generation 5 just a cheap reboot?

The single player game in Black and White is stellar. The Unova Region is tons of fun to explore, the Gyms are a blast, and there have never been more Pokemon to catch. While many have not liked the newer additions to the ever-growing Pokedex, I really liked all of the additions that were made for Generation 5. The battle system got somewhat of a revamp by adding the new Triple and Rotation battles. Triple battles are a lot of fun and add an exciting new twist to the already superior battle setup that Pokemon has. Rotation battles are the only aspect that the gameplay gets docked a point for. It is more of an unavoidable nuisance than anything else really. However, that aside, the developers really managed to put together another standout title in an unbroken lineage of excellent games.

The storyline in Unova, as with the other regions, centers on you. As you travel the region, you will have to beat Gym Leaders, collect Gym Badges, and unravel the mystery behind the strange occurrences and people that have been seen around the region. At the risk of either being too generic or making it completely ridiculous, the writers threw in not only enough plot twists, but also the right plot twists to make the storyline captivating. However, it didn't get altered quite enough from previous games to warrant a full score.

Ever since the world of online battling exploded in prominence in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum era, it has quickly become one of the biggest draws to the Pokemon games. This new generation only elevates the potential and fun factor of the online community. Dedicated trainers spend countless hours of meticulous training to develop their teams and take them into battle on a global stage. With a boatload of options and no real restrictions, the Pokemon online community is one of the best in the world.

OVERALL - 9/10
Almost without fail, Pokemon Black/White stands out as a truly exemplary rendition of the beloved Pokemon franchise. A few very minor setbacks aside, B&W are truly wonderful games that everyone can enjoy.

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