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Mafia II Cheats


  Reviewer: RageaholicRick
  Posted: Sep 08, 2011
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Mafia II is the story of Vito's life. Vito is a young Italian boy who immigrated to America with his family to start a new life. Unfortunately, Vito began a life of trouble making with his new best friend, Joe. Vito lives life on the bad side of the law until he gets thrown into prison, where he says he wants to live an honest life, but that doesn't ever happen when he gets out of prison, and his sister informs him that his father had borrowed alot of money from a loan-shark and wants $2000 by the end of the week. This causes Vito to turn back to his life of crime in order to pay off his fathers debt, as well as make a life for himself in America.

The game starts with you an opening cinematic of Vito (The character you will be playing) and his best friend, Joe, smashing a window to a shop and stealing everything they can reach through the window. As they are throwing stuff into the bag, a cop walks around the corner and spots them. He blows his whistle and starts chasing them down the street. Vito and Joe run into an alleyway where they try to hop a fence. Joe gets over the fence and has you toss the bag over before you climb over. As Vito is about to get over the fence, the cop comes around the corner with his gun drawn, and warns Vito that if he keeps running, he will shoot. Vito surrenders and is sent to prison. While in prison, Vito gets an offer to sign up with the US Military and in exchange, he would be released from prison after his service. He takes the offer, and ends up in a paratrooper division.

The next cinematic that plays shows Vito and his squad hiding behind cover a few feet away from the target building they were ordered to attack. The squad leader tells Vito to take the first shot at the Nazi soldier making the speech. The game gives you control of Vito for this shot. After you shoot one of them, an all out gunfight ensues. You fight your way up to the top floor of the building before it goes to another cinematic of 2 Nazi soldiers standing in a room on the top floor, you can hear a megaphone in the distance, telling the Nazi's that if they surrender, they will not be killed. The 2 soldiers begin arguing for a little bit, and while they continue to argue it changes to show a US tank, carrying the guy with the megaphone, who looks like nothing more than a civilian. But he alone convinces the Nazi soldiers to surrender. And that is how Vito's story begins.

The next part begins with Vito arriving outside his mothers apartment building after he is put on leave because of an injury. You take control of Vito and bring him up to his mothers apartment. Vito's sister answers the door and jumps into Vito's arms, welcoming him home. Then his mother comes up to him and welcomes him as well. They all sit at the dinner table and enjoy a meal before you take control of Vito again to send him to bed. Once Vito wakes up, he says that he needs to find his own place. You take him to visit his old friend, Joe, who offers you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. After that, you start doing a bunch of odd-jobs for people with Joe, most of them being illegal of course, but I don't want to give to much away.

The gameplay for this game is really good looking. The characters all look well rendered, the vehicles all look good and like the actual vehicles that were around during that period of time, and the look of the city is fantastic. Everything in this game looks well rendered, and like it should. It is pretty realistic too. Your character can take more shots than an actual person can, but not to the point where you feel invincible, in fact, far from it. The game does allow you to take cover, which is a feature I absolutely love in a third person shooter game like this one. Another nice feature that was put into the game, is the speed-limiter. When the limiter is turned on while in a vehicle, it will only allow the vehicle to go up to the speed limit of the street, so the cops wont instantly start chasing you for speeding. Now, I know this may make some people cringe at the thought of going only 25mph, but the limiter wont go lower than 40mph. So, it gives you a good speed, while making sure the cops wont chase you. A few more realistic features are things like; You actually have to put gas in the car and the cops will write down your license plate and the clothes you are wearing, causing you to have to change your license plates and your clothes.

This game is also pretty long. There is a long list of missions for you to do, as well as occasional jobs you can do for other people that involve dock-working, and stealing cars. However, the missions never really got boring to me. Each one is an action-packed, and occasional heart-wrenching one. This game really gets you attached to the characters of the game. You feel like Vito's friends, are your friends. Whenever one was killed, I was as angry as Vito was, I wanted nothing more than to take care of the guys who did it.

Overall, this game has a great, action-packed, heart-wrenching, story that I never got tired of, really good gameplay, and well written cinematics. I would say that this game is worth the price. If you haven't played this game, definitely check it out.

Presentation: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Lasting Appeal: 8/10


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