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 Looking for game suggestions...  
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 originally posted by Foxxie-kun:

A 2001 titled called Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura might be your kind of game. Replay value surpasses anything Fallout 1+2 could offer due to every race being treated and talented differently.

You can do fine as a balanced human with no significant background, but you'll excel with being hated as a Magick using Elf or Half Elf, and very few like Half Ogres or Half Trolls, and Half Orcs are dumb as sin and fugly as hell.

Basically you have three "Miniature" races, Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes, then you have the Midling races, Elves, Humans, and Orcs (And the Half-Orcs and Half-Elves), then you have Ogres, Half-Ogres, and Half-Trolls as giants who can't use any form of guns.

Three armor sizes, Miniature which fits Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes, "Normal" armor that fits the Midlings, and Large armor that fits anything larger than a Midling.

Endless quests, Morality system, various choices (Working with Necromancer Jewelers whose customers die gruesome deaths by coincidence, or killing them dead at the behest of a Dwarven ally), and a Tech vs. Magick system.

Magick doesn't work well on highly Technological characters, and Magick Users can't utilize tech.

Spellcasters are relegated to the far back of the train due to potentially fatal interference with the steam engine, and certain shops will turn you away if you're too magickal or technological.

Excellent game in my opinion.

There's also Postal 2 (No real story, but if you get mad, a half hour with A Week in Paradise mod will see you laughing as the bodies hit the floor in chunks).

Finally, I feel I should recommend giving Fallout: New Vegas a shot in October. Despite Obsidian's track record, they can't screw up any worse than Bethesda did in terms of bugs, but they can make up for it with staying true to the established Fallout 1+2 canon and style =3

Not to mention some of the guys who worked on the original Fallouts have worked on New Vegas too, so that should up the ante.

I'll second Arcanum too while I'm making pointless posts =D But if you give it a go, make sure you look up the community patch. There's a guy who has been patching the game long after the official support ran dry. Also look for the high-rez patch, as it'll allow you to run the game under modern resolutions (I'm unsure as to exactly which resolutions it supports, but it's definitely higher than the original 800x600).

I had another game to suggest... I don't remember what it was though... -trails off and wanders off mumbling to himself-

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Dungeon Keeper 2, you can get it for free nowadays, just google it. Should keep you occupied for a while. Don't know when it was released but you shouldn't have problems with it.
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You could also try the following games:
1. Devil may cry (series)
2. The last remnant
3. Silent Hill (series)
4. Rise of the agronauts
5. Fallout (series)

I loved playing these games.

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