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How do YOU best fall asleep?
Foxxie-kun  posted on Aug 14, 2010 12:47:38 AM - Report post

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I've finally decided that once I move out of my parents house, I'm getting a few necessary things to improve my sleep quality and reduce the need for oversleeping.

One: Comfy, cute, infantile jammies that I can wear during the winter as needed.

Two: A customized Nuk size 4 pacifier (The largest size offered online, made specifically for adults).

Three: Diapers, specifically the Bambino Diapers, as they've been highly recommended over the others I was considering.

Four: A huge plushie/teddy Fox or Wolf to cuddle.

I daresay the addition of my wuffie holding me close would also serve to improve my sleep quality =3

xxjjrockerxx  posted on Aug 15, 2010 12:38:55 PM - Report post

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If it's gone past about one in the morning (if it's a school night and I need to be up in the morning) and I have no signs of dropping off anytime soon, I draw. In the dark. I have a special sketchbook I keep by my bed just for this purpose. I have no lamp in my room at the moment and if I switch on the main light my mum will notice and tell me off, so I have to draw in semi-darkness, and sure enough, my eyes get tired pretty quickly. Also, some of the best ideas come to me in the small hours so it's very handy too. Shame that the drawing isn't very good though.
lolikitty  posted on Aug 15, 2010 2:00:01 PM - Report post

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Thats an awsum idea
pisces  posted on Aug 20, 2010 8:44:51 AM - Report post

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When it's dark but not too dark. At least there is slight light. Then I can sleep safe and sound. Of course, I will need the fan turned on.
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