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How do YOU best fall asleep?
Vonfuzzball  posted on Aug 13, 2010 2:50:04 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Foxxie-kun

Did any of you have a teddy bear or plushie you had when you were younger that helped with sleeplessness?

I remember quite fondly I had quite a few teddy bears that I wish I could have kept except in this family of hand-me-downs my mom decided I had outgrown them and gave them to my niece...

I only ever had one teddy bear and that was a Golliwog.

These days i usually listen to mellow music or try let my thoughts drift me off to sleep.

HonestGamer  posted on Aug 13, 2010 2:53:52 AM - Report post

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Well also I forgot to mention that I cannot sleep without coffee.

Ironic, huh? Despite the caffiene content, I am restless without coffee.

QueenNic  posted on Aug 13, 2010 3:02:54 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Foxxie-kun

Does anyone have any (Non-Alcoholic) comfort foods/drinks that help them get to sleep, ala warm milk?

I really like dried fruits or chocolate, and surprisingly a can of Pepsi or other carbonated soft drink (Despite any presence of caffeine) also helps.

Warm milk with honey.

Worked when my rabbit died, worked when I was sick.

It's a long time since I've had it though. It has this comforting warmth about it.

dstates  posted on Aug 13, 2010 3:54:12 AM - Report post

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there is no easy way to fall asleep for me. usually i lie in bed for around 3 or 4 hours before i doze off, only to wake up a few hours later seemingly for no reason.

it sucks.


Shibby  posted on Aug 13, 2010 4:42:22 AM - Report post

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originally posted by FireflyPoi

I cant sleep without a heavy duvet on top of me, even in the blistering summer, if i sleep with a thin sheet I feel too exposed, I like the feeling of safety you get from a big thick duvet.

Same here

If I can't get to sleep I just read and read until I have to read a paragraph a couple of times for me to understand it then I know I'm tired enough and just lay back and relax into sleep.

I also find that if I'm lying in bed and cant get comfortable enough to relax, I just get up, go out into the kitchen, wait until I feel cold, then back into bed and everything's fine

Phelpsy  posted on Aug 13, 2010 8:00:11 AM - Report post

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I have trouble sleeping alot, I usually go downstairs onto my couch, it's cooler downstairs, I have a wool type blanket which is relaxing in it's own and a movie usually sends me on my way. But this is usually a last resort at like 2-5am
saurabhfzd  posted on Aug 13, 2010 9:25:30 AM - Report post

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when i can't sleep..which happens a lot with me...i get up read a book or play a game till i get really sleepy.
sabinboy  posted on Aug 13, 2010 9:37:59 AM - Report post

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if i can't sleep,i used to play games and listen musics.
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