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 New Laptop Search  
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Posted: Aug 09, 2010 8:37:51 AM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

My friends! Who better to ask then my friends at Cheathappens for advice on a new laptop for me? I'll be willing to bet that answers here will be far more beneficial to my cause than a google search!

So therefore my question to you all if you haven't figured it out already is what kind of laptop/notebook would you recommend to me?

Here is what I am looking for:

-PC (not a mac)

-Laptop or notebook (not those really small ones)

-I'm a Xbox gamer, so I don't play games on the computer. Therefore I don't need those fancy-dancy graphic cards and whatever else PC gamers need.

-I'm moving off to college very soon so I need something reasonably priced, however my parents said they would help me out a bit. So not super cheap or super expensive.

-I want reliability over anything else...something that will last.

-However I want something that is fast, as well. 3GBs+ of ram would be nice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!


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I don't really know much, but I heard that Toshiba Laptops are really great.
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Lenovo Thinkpads are pretty much bulletproof and they're pretty damn fast. I've got a T500 and the only things that go wrong with it is the colossally inefficient software my school puts on it.

The main reason I like them is because of how rugged they are, they make normal laptops look like they're made of Jello.

Some models are quite expensive but half the range is in the $500-$900 range - Link

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Toshiba Laptop's are good but pretty expensive for what you get.

Look for a Laptop with Windows 7, at least 2GB RAM (you don't need more if your using it for basic Movie Playing, Web Browsing etc) and a Core CPU speed of 2.6Ghz or more.

And try and stay away from a Brand type, like Dell and as said Toshiba, you can cheaper for a similar build elsewhere probably 200-300 cheaper.

For example HP's HP Pavilion dv6-3065ea is 679 while similar from Toshiba is 929, a whopping 250 more.

I know those are british prices, but it was an example of shopping smart.

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Anything Toshiba will do. Hmm, I'm not really aware with other brands such as Dell or HP. I own two Toshiba laptops (Satellite A660 and Satellite pro). Both are perfect for people like you and I who aren't PC gamers, who want something reliable and last long. Has 4GB of space in it and costs around $850. No rpoblems so far and I've had both for over 2 and a half years now. Also, I know a lot of people who have Toshiba laptops that don't have a problem with it at all.

EDIT: Link

Perhaps you should browse for more in the toshiba website.

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