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Telos Academy bug not (cheat node)
I_am_Nihilus  posted on Mar 10, 2010 7:19:59 PM - Report post

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I seem to have encountered a previously unseen breed of the Telos bug, in which the PC is imprisoned on the Telos academy. My situation is similar to this, with some differences:

* When I enter the academy, no matter what dialogue options I choose, the "Give us your weapons" conversation ends with a black screen.
* Saving the game and loading that save game fixes the black screen problem. It spawns me near Atris' chamber, with Atris standing outside.
* I have to go up to Atris and talk to her to trigger the pre-set conversation.
* Everything proceeds as normal, Handmaidens escort me away, etc.
* At this point none of the Handmaidens except Brianna talk to me. No other NPC's will engage in conversation with me except T3 and Brianna.
* The pre-set conversations with Kreia, Atton and Bao-Dur do not trigger. The one with T3 does trigger, but it is as if starting a conversation with him on the Ebon Hawk. All of them are in their cages and don't move from there.
* Worst of all, the Ebon Hawk is unable to be entered. Nothing happens when I run into the ramp.

I am certain this is not a previously-encountered bug, so it warrants its own thread. How can I fix it, or at least force the game to trigger the proper ways? Is there a command that will just teleport me straight into the Ebon Hawk? oh and if some one with modding skills could maybe just make a skip telos academy mod that would be great. P.S the only mods i have are skip peragus and skip citidel station and could the patches cause this???

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TiberiousKirk  posted on Mar 12, 2010 4:44:38 PM - Report post

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I think I had a similar bug once. I think I had to go back to a save prior to Telos Academy or restart the game. I can't remember which. It was quite a while ago.
I just remember that I talked to Atris three or four times and the game at the end of the next cut scene would put me back at the point I had to talk to Atris again and it just kept looping.
Sorry I can't help more.
I_am_Nihilus  posted on Mar 23, 2010 2:52:54 PM - Report post

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Ok i fixed it myself its working fine now i just installed the TSLCRM restoration mod it fixes all the bugs i now get a bugg free game its 1.5 final release.

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