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 originally posted by Caliber:

this game absolutely LAUGHS at those who use artmoney and cheat engine to modify their values. not only are the values stored in 8 different locations, it also moves in memory dynamically every minute or so. also, the values don't stay in the same location in the player struct. it took alot of thinking and reversing to get this trainer to work correctly. you can certainly use artmoney or cheat engine to try and modify your player in memory, just don't be surprised if your address seems to go away over and over again-

just because your cheat tools have worked in the past doesn't mean that the next game doesn't throw a curve ball at you.


[Edited by Caliber, 11/2/2007 5:07:04 PM]

Hello everyone,and about editing your skill points and etc with the artmoney,people say that skill points can't be modified well i have created all six chracters in the game and at the start of the game i have modified my characters via artmoney and have all of their skills at full the game doesn't offer that.

When searching with the artmoney always search for just Integar 4 bytes and the only trick required is that after opening your attribute screen or skills screen always close it before ALT-Tabing and you will always end up from 3-8 correct results and after that you can have unlimited skill points,attribute points and palladium.

and Calliber guy just for you: "You can cheat in every game with any good tool but it just require some knowledge and skills"

"we should promote and encourage even a tiny winy itsy bitsy effort done by anyone who knows that what future holds for them"

my apology to any one whose feelings are hurt by my post

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i'm a total noob and very lazy when it comes to game files editing so I'll just pay for the trainers to save me a few head aches... hehehe...

besides, 15 bucks a year also get me other trainers for many other games. so that means i save myself (a few headaches X 10 games) = Happy Gamer!

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First off, hat's off Caliber for not only being able to make excellent trainers, but also being able to get them out fast and reliably.

And ArtMoney's only a temporary measure at best. Memory locations and pointer addresses change almost constantly thanks to Windows' memory management. Gone are the days of MS-DOS and static memory allocation. If you've figured out the addresses for your attributes, good for you. However, those same addresses become useless once you quit the game session. The next time you load up your character, you will have to search for the addresses again.

It's a fact of memory editors. And that's what make trainers special. The authors (sorry Caliber, but you're not the only trainer maker in the world ) have not only identified the exact memory position, but also found a way to quickly & reliably find them again and again.

And there are so much more things that can't be done in a memory editor. Caliber's C&C 3 trainer, for one. ArtMoney most certainly cannot allow you to make units currently under your mouse pointer invulnerable. Or the Titan Quest Immortal Throne trainer, where you can not only remove item requirements, but also make monsters friendly, turning them against each other.

So kdefthog, you found out how to change your attributes with ArtMoney. Good for you. But don't ever call trainers "2-bit", and especially not a CheatHappens trainer, because these are anything but.

P.S. to Caliber: Any way you can figure out how to let us add mod slots to weapons? Pretty please?

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Mmhm, Im struggling, I really need advice, I used Art money for cheating with hellgate london and stuff but now my characters xp is like 200/100 just an example and I cant level even when I kill, even if I use Art money to make the experience something like 90/100 when it gets to 100 it just carries on going...

Oh and to all you "clever" peoplez out there, when u program me a Hellgate trainer compatable with windows 7 64bit then I will pay $30... Its not quite possible is it?

Cya.. Reply soon pweez (Sowi bout bad spelling)

Thanks for all the great work so far

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Hellgate London Trainer? Does not work at all cal

If don't min to refer my site Using Artmoney application is it worth it to pay USD15? or using the trainer created by cal.

Since I've downloaded all and try but it does not work.
Want to find patch for Hellgate but seems like not available.

So far the hack I able to ammend is Stat point from 5 to 9999
and Money hack from 200 or 0 can become 9,999,999

Please do visit my site

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