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 Hell yeah or Hell No????  
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 originally posted by RedTyler:

I heard there is also no online subscription fee like wow and other online rpg's


Check out the section titled Pricing !!

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Yeah, I'm testing beta as well and the game is awesome it plays like diablo with FPS controls and WOW(GUILD WARS) feel....
there is going to be a single player OFFLINE mode like diablo and an online mode, you can play with or without subscription. BUT i recommend getting the subscription it has way to many perks.....like posted below......

For all players, HELLGATE: LONDON comes completely free-to-play out of the box and will offer a secure online experience with features including the ability to play cooperatively with thousands of other players, trade items, join guilds and enjoy a host of gameplay and community features including voice chat and buddy lists.

For players with Subscription* accounts ( 9.99 / 6.99 per month) , Flagship Studios will deliver exciting new ongoing content including new character classes, areas, monsters, items and raid content, new game modes (including Hardcore, Role-Play and PvP mode), and additional character and stash slots. Subscribers can found guilds, select to nominate an officer and will have access to guild and player housing. Other features include in-game email for items, web access to characters and a place in future beta lotteries.

Founders Offer ($149.99) for pre-orders as a one-time life-time subscription.

Elite vs. Plebs
* Multiplay will be free!
* Elite Multiplay will cost $9.95 a month
* Secure, closed servers hold your characters, even if you're not Elite
* Elite players get 24/7 phone and online support; plebs get basic online support as with any other game
* If there are queues to get on a server, Elite players go to the front
* Elite players can have 12 characters in total; plebs get 3
* Elite players can store around 40 items in "lockers" spread throughout the world; plebs can have 20. Elite players can also transfer these items to characters on other servers; plebs cannot
* Elite players get unique gear and can wield the most powerful weapons in the game. Said weapons can also be emailed by the Elite to others of their kind
* Elite players can board shuttles that transport them quickly to hard-to-reach corners of London
* Elite players can become officers of guilds and own, enter, or operate player housing and guild buildings; plebs can be members of guilds, but will not be allowed to enter said buildings, or purchase property for themselves
* Elite players get access to more gametypes; plebs not allowed into servers or areas where those gametypes are operating
* Elite players will get new content each month, such as new monsters, new gametypes, new items, and so on

Going Elite & Back will be treated like flags : so when an Elite becomes non-elite : it's as said above that he will not lose his account just *THE ABILITY* to use the "Elite" items, content, ect.

Posted on other threads, this is just a copy and paste for the mostpart
Also as said above- nothings set in stone, just what's floating around.

P.S. I can't wait.......31 OCT.....

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I beta tested HellGate.
Controls are choppy and targetting is inaccurate.
Game crashes at random intervals and there is virtually no multiplayer, despite there being a multiplayer option.(BUT THIS IS BETA...To be expected)

It is a first person shooter/hacknslash button masher that certainly can not carry the torch of being the next MMORPG.

Playing the game there are fun moments, but they come in spurts. Like charging into a mob of enemies and slashing them apart.

It is a single player game with a chatroom attached to it and optional multiplayer in an *EXTREMELY* instanced gaming atmosphere. Feels very claustraphobic.

Graphics: 9/10
Amazing graphics. More eye candy then a hollywood hooker.(Could be good, but bad for you)

Gameplay: 6/10
A multiplayer experience that virtually does not exist. This is a MMO, not a RPG in even the slightest sense of the word. Story is shallow and gameplay is extremely linear.

Sound: 8/10
I was very impressed! One of the best soundtracks(including ambient audio) for a firstperson/hacknslash game online to date I have seen.

Conclusion: Get this game. It's worth the price tag and has a pricing option that should work for everyone.
There will be paid accounts and free accounts.
Despite my distaste for the false advertising in calling it a MMORPG, this game has alot of good qualities that I won't go into detail about here.

Lets just say, it has it's moments...
...with the disgusting ability to keep you occupied for hours on end when your favored online game server is down.

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I'm sure anything the elite's can buy, the normal players will get for free on "different supplies" one or two days later. So i don't care, cuz i'll be getting the extras for free anyway.
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The gameplay is pretty fun, however that is about it.

The skill/attribution system is basically just Diablo 2, i was expecting Hellgate: London, not Diablo 2 the Hellgate: London edition. The skill/attribution points in Diablo 2 was majorly flawed, which was why Blizzard went away from it in World of Warcraft.

The interface is really just stupid, can't even believe how they got the idea that pretty much each interface part had to be fullscreen, though transparent thus making it even more confusing some places.

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I have to say its a HELLsomething.... Its fun, but why isn't there any voice acting? Kinda sucks if you ask me. Making me more and more sure that Mass Effect and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures will be my role playing addictions this year.

How ever, will have to buy this one too. Although, it doesn't look right now that its better than Mas Effect, I just love PC gaming more than any other platform.

Cya around

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Played the demo today. I came away with a feeling of the game being cheap and quite linear. At this time, I would not guy it.
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Wouldnt be able to tell ya if it was hellz yea, or hellz no..

Havent heard of it..


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