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Locked Topic  None of the trainers out work for me...
Sultra  posted on Mar 28, 2007 5:02:26 PM - Report post

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None of the trainers out work for me... patched or not patched
They just simply do nothing for me at all.
I hear the lady's voice saying option activated, but i still take damage and my money does not increase
this game is insanely difficult on even the easiest setting O.o , can anyone else post here if they cant play using trainer's either?
Zeifer  posted on Mar 28, 2007 5:43:25 PM - Report post

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I cant use the trainers because my mom wont let me spend that whopping 14/34 dollars, however i wish I could because I really want the SVD and uber rifles.

Secondly, this game ISN'T hard. You just have to play smart. You can't run in guns blazing on a bunch of soldiers or bandits, you will get RIPPED APART. You need to crouch behind cover, and peek and shoot. The game is hard in the beginning because the beginning weapons suck (pistols are inaccurate and weak, shotgun feels like a pea shooter, AK is weak and has less accuracy then the pistol. Once you get the improved fast firing AK from one of the missions it gets better. If you guys could help me find an SVD it'd be appreciated.

PWizard  posted on Mar 28, 2007 5:47:30 PM - Report post

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That's very odd as we have thousands of people using the trainers successfully. You can check our trainer troubleshooting guide (www.cheathappens.com/trainer_troubleshooting.asp) for more help.

Are you using Russian ver or English ver? You didn't download off Direct2Drive did you? Because that version is notorious for not working with any trainers at all. They do something to the games downloaded from there which shifts all the memory locations around and the trainers can't match up to it. This happens with just about every D2D game they put out.

Sultra  posted on Mar 28, 2007 5:51:33 PM - Report post

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Store purchase, and after updating now the trainers no longer even talk when i press the activation keys.

and I know its not Run n gun xD its really hard tho just the same, even being very careful, i have been using the shotgun nonstop so far all the way up to the point where i have to fight some military and go underground o.o

and i am using a 1.1 trainer xD

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PWizard  posted on Mar 28, 2007 6:40:11 PM - Report post

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If you've updated to patch 1.0001, you'll need the Mega Trainer 1.0001 (or another 1.0001 trainer) in order for it to work.

[Edited by PWizard, 3/28/2007 6:40:40 PM]

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