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List of Weapons, Armor, Artifacts
Zeifer  posted on Apr 01, 2007 6:33:52 PM - Report post

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Yeah I want the coat that the guy that saves you in the beginning has.
lapdragon  posted on May 08, 2007 6:36:08 AM - Report post

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---- Pistols -----------------------
PMm - Your starting weapon.
Noiseless pistol (PB1s) - Can be found in an ammo box inside the green train car next to the town.
Fort-12Mk2 - Quest reward for soloing the first mission in Cordon (kill the bandits at the car park before you talk to Wolf's men)
Fort-15 - Major Kuznetsov in Cordon (At the railroad bridge)
Walker P9m - Merc sidearm, also obtainable early from a stash in the wrecked car outside the car park in Garbage.
Walker 9x18 - Mole (the guy you rescue in Agroprom) (after you rescue him, generally you can find the military has killed him later)
Kora-919 - Vendor item at the Duty Bar
Noiseless Kora - Loner named "Sparrow", in the Rostok Bar, patrolling in the main area.
Martha - I've only found one - it was on a Duty guy that got killed by something outside the entrance to the Rostok Bar in Garbage
Black Kite - Leader and "Master" level NPC's
Big Ben - Rostok, in a stash under the broken overpass - it's in the same area as the "family rifle" quest item.
HPSS-1m - "Veteran" and Sniper NPC sidearm.
UDP Compact - Duty, Freedom, and Monolith sidearm.
SIP-t M200 - Borov's Stash, in the Dark Valley.

---- Shotguns ----------------------

Sawn-off dbl-barrel - "Rookie" bandits
TOS 34 - not in the game atm...
Chaser 13 - Rare vendor item in Yantar.
Combat Chaser - Named loner "Father Diodor" in the Army Warehouses (center of map)
SPSA-14 - Assorted NPC's - mostly zombied Exoskeleton Duty guys.
Threaded SPSA-14 - a guy named "Poker", but I don't know where to find him yet.

---- Submachine Guns ---------------

Viper 5 - "Experienced" bandits
Viper 5 9x18 - On a corpse at the end of the train tunnel in Garbage.
Noiseless Viper - Corrupt loner named "Vampire" in the Dark Valley.
Akm 74/2U - Bandits in the Garbage, and Military at the train bridge in Cordon.
Akm 74/2U Special - Named loner "Bes", he gives the missions at the beginning of the Garbage.

lapdragon  posted on May 08, 2007 6:38:47 AM - Report post

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---- Assault Rifles ----------------

Akm 74/2 - Military just about anywhere after the Garbage.

Fast-shooting Akm 74/2 - Agroprom Underground, in Strelok's stash.

Obokan - Military in Agroprom and Freedom in the Red Forest. Also sold in the Duty Bar sometimes.

Sniper Obokan - Oleg "Fiend" Gusarov, in the Duty Bar, patrolling in the main area. After you finish Yantar, he goes out front and generally gets killed by the dogs.

Storming Obokan - Named bandit "Friar" in the Dark Valley, generally at the Factory.

TRs 301 - Mercs, generally anywhere. Also sold in the Freedom base.

Sniper TRs 301 - In a bench vise at the Merc camp in Army Warehouses

GP 37 - Earliest you can get them is from the guys who respawn on the sniper towers in the Freedom base (after you knife the snipers in the dark). After a while, you can buy them from the Freedom vendor.

SGI 5k - Vendor item at the Freedom base in Army Warehouses, also drops from assorted Mercs after you finish Rostok.

Sniper SGI - Named Freedom guys "Leshiy" and "Twig", in Army Warehouses (Guarding the Freedom base gate)

Storming SIP - Dunno yet....

Tunder S14 - Duty NPC's, and high-level Monolith NPC's, also sold as a vendor item from the Duty vendor in Rostok once you can get to him (finish Yantar).

Tunder 5.45 - Barin in the Rostok Bar, patrolling out front of the base, he goes out front and generally gets killed by the dogs.

VLA Special Assault Rifle - Most Military after the Red Forest, and from the Monolith guys in the "Protect the Border" mission in Army Warehouses.

Sniper VLA - Dunno yet...

FT 200M - Monolith guys inside the Chernobyl NPP.

---- Sniper Rifles -----------------
Technically, the IL 86 (Enfield SA85) is an assault rifle, but it's the first highly-accurate scoped weapon you get that can be used as a sniper rifle, so I included it here.

IL 86 - Vendor item at the Duty Bar, assorted Bandits and Loners in and after Rostok drop it too.

Balance IL 86 - Named loner "Scarecrow" in the Army Warehouses (center of map)

Lightened IL 86 - Named loner "Master" in the Army Warehouses (center of map)

Sniper Rifle (SVDm 2) - Snipers in Red Forest, and in the outside part of the Chernobyl NPP.

Farshooter SVDm 2 - Quest item for Freedom, but I don't know how to spawn the quest to go get it.

SVUmk2 - Freedom Snipers in Army Warehouses (knife them at night before you're green to Freedom, and before you take the mission to kill the base).

Vintar BC - Army Warehouses (on the floor of a building in the Freedom base), and assorted stashes.

Gauss Gun - Monolith snipers in Pripyat, and assorted Monolith inside the Chernobyl NPP.

---- Heavy Weapons -----------------
Bulldog 6 - Quest item for Duty, found in a basement in Army Warehouses, there is also one inside the Freedom armory.

Bulldog-6 m209 - Dunno yet.

RPG-7u - On the 3rd floor in a room inside the building that has the X-16 Lab entrance in it, also one on a Merc corpse in Rostok. I picked up a couple more in Pripyat too.

---- Weapon Addons -----------------
GP-25 Kostyer - I've only found one, attached to an AK74 in the X-16 Lab, in a locker.

M203 Launcher - Repeatable quest from the Freedom base in Army Warehouses.

PSO-1 scope - 5 of them from Rostok Mercs in the first run-thru, then as a 1-time each quest reward in Dark Valley and Army Warehouses. You can also get a bunch of them from the military that storm the Brain Scorcher after you turn it off.

SUSAT scope - Rostok Mercs in any other run-thru, remove them from TRs 301's.

Silencer - Stash loot, and I got one from a Duty bartender mission.

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ArchDuke  posted on Dec 25, 2007 9:52:09 AM - Report post

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Oi comrades I have been having some problems trying to find the Bulldog 6. This because when I first saw Fredom I shoot them now how can I find the Bulldog 6? Reply please.

PS I want do reach the end of this game please help me comrades !!

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ArchDuke  posted on Dec 25, 2007 5:39:50 PM - Report post

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can you send me a screenshot or a video revealing the location of the buldog 6? I know that in the army warehouses in the vilage in the house with the entrance covered with wood but as you problaby saw in mi other post I shot Fredom as they apeared in the first time is there a way to get the buldog 6 without having to start a new game?

[Edited by ArchDuke, 12/26/2007 6:29:06 AM]

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