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i will rate teams
reball  posted on Dec 29, 2006 7:45:25 PM - Report post

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list there moves an there leveland if you have all lv 100 with good moves you know you got 100
Troodon80  posted on Dec 30, 2006 4:57:50 AM - Report post

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i got me a team:
Some even got pokerus, i didn't know what it was so i didn't know i could spread it around. i also have a(meaning 1) shiny

Aggron lv97 (Had Pokérus)
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Rock Smash
Metal Claw

Breloom lv98
Ability: Effect Spore
Moves: Mach Punch
Mega Drain
Sky Uppercut
Stun Spore

Blaziken lv98 (Had Pokérus)
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Slash
Blaze Kick
Aerial Ace

Flygon lv96 (Had Pokérus)
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Fly
Steel Wing

Magcargo lv97 (shiny... ohhhhh) (Had Pokérus)
Ability: Magma Armour
Moves: Rock Slide
Body Slam
Rock Throw

Kecleon lv96
Ability: Colour Change
Moves: Faint Atack
Secret Power

reball  posted on Dec 30, 2006 10:56:25 PM - Report post

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good team 9/10 the only problem is in each pokemon like agron head but your gonna need a big more stronger move and on breloom nothing hes cool as ice and on blaskin (the coolest one ever) slash you would want to get over heat for that one flygon is good raise him to at least 98 he is a good pokemon magcarogood and also about magcaego *ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh SHINEY BOYZ.keclone say good buy to that sceret power alright hope i help and so far mr.troodon80 has the best score of all a 9/10 good job
Ho-Oh2224  posted on Dec 31, 2006 5:57:42 AM - Report post

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Note: I have been playing the game ever since it came out and I have never once started a new file. I have a Silver Card, only left to get a gold in the Battle Factory. I also have never cheated once, so all of the moves that my pokemon have are either natural, bred, TM/HM, or Move Tutor.

Shiny Rhydon lv. 100
Horn Drill- 1 Hit KO- PP Maxed out to 8
Earthquake- Double battles w/ ele. pokemon- PP maxed to 20
Thunder- maxed out to 20
Surf- PP maxed out to 28- accurate, powerful move(power is 98)

Xatu lv. 100 (For use in double battles with Rhydon)
Psychic- PP maxed out to 20
Reflect- To raise Sp.Def of Rhydon to protect it from water, ice, and grass moves.
Fly- Still working on PP
Barrier- To raise def. of Rhydon to protect it from ground moves.

Dusclops lv. 100 To counter the dark pokemon sent out to eliminate Xatu
Shadow Punch- PP Maxed out to 40, Ghost move to counter dark pkmn.
Shadow Ball- More powerful ghost move
Psychic- Needs a defense if it is the only pokemon left
Reflect- To protect it from dark pkmn.

Starmie lv. 100 Sp. Def 325; Def. 310 *WOW*
Rain Dance- Used when in double battles with Magneton so thunder hits every time
Surf- Powerful, Accurate Move
Psychic- Bad to have all one type of move
Reflect- To protect it from electric and grass moves

Magneton lv. 100 Def. 314; Sp.Atk 346; also a steel pokemon
Thunder-Powerful move, never misses when rain dance is in effect
Thunderbolt-Powerful, Accurate move
Metal Sound-Makes it easier to kill opponent
Tri Attack-It's bad to have all of one type of attack

Blaziken lv.100PokerusAttack 320; Sp.Atk. 368
Blaze Kick-PP maxed out to 18
Flamethrower-Powerful, Accurate move
Earthquake-Not good to have all one type of attack
Mirror Move-Just incase...

All of my pokemon cover each other. Example:
Rhydon's Weakneses: Water, Ice, Grass, Ground.
Who counters those weaknesses: Magneton, Blaziken, Starmie
Help: Xatu-Uses reflect to protect from it's weaknesses

Xatu's Weaknesses: Electric, Ice, Dark
Who counters those weaknesses: Blaziken, Rhydon, Dusclops
Help: Starmie, Itself; uses reflect to protect from its weaknesses

Dusclops's Weaknesses: Dark
Who Counters it: Itself(Shadow Ball & Shadow Punch)
Help: Starmie, Xatu, uses reflect to protect it from dark

Starmie's Weaknesses: Electric, Grass, Dark, Ghost
Who Counters it: Rhydon, Blaziken, Dusclops
Help: Itself; uses reflect to protect it from its weaknesses

Magneton's Weaknesses: Fire, Ground, Fighting
Who Counters it: Starmie, Xatu
Help: Xatu; Uses barrier to protect it from it's weaknesses

Blaziken's Weaknesses: Water, Flying, Psychic
Whow Counters it: Magneton, Dusclops

That is a well rounded, powerful team.

Ho-Oh2224  posted on Jan 02, 2007 6:25:02 AM - Report post

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any day now...
Greg678  posted on Jan 05, 2007 12:13:08 PM - Report post

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here's my team: all lv. 100 and trained from IV and trait bread eggs(except for legendaries & Metagross). I also trained them against proper pokemon to raise certain EV's.

Metagross: lv. 100
Hyper Beam
Meteor Mash

Dragonite: Lv. 100
Ice beam

Tyranitar: Lv. 100
Hyper Beam
Iron Tail

Groudon: Lv. 100
Fire Blast
Land Power

Kyogre: Lv. 100
Sheer Cold
Ice beam
Aqua Tail
Water Spout

Rayquaza: Lv. 100
Dragon Pulse

I can't wait until D&P come out so I can Battle online with my team!

pokemonlegend  posted on Jan 05, 2007 3:55:18 PM - Report post

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i am just like ho-oh we both rate teams very well i never started a new game i have a gold trainer card )PL looks at ho-oh and says beat ya ho-oh lol) i have only used a Gameshark to catch pokemon here is my team

Raquaza 100
Hyper beam

Kyogre 100
Hydro pump
Sheer cold
Water spout

Salamence 100
dragon claw
Double edge

Pidgeot 100
Wing attack
Feather dance
mirror move

Milotic 100
hydro pump
Hyper beam

Gardivor 100
Future sight
Dream eater

pretty cool huh

reball  posted on Jan 05, 2007 5:09:54 PM - Report post

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ill give all three of you a good 10/10 because there at there best with good attaks
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