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Official Trainer Thread  Novus Inceptio Trainer
PWizard  posted on Dec 20, 2015 11:25:36 AM - Report post

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Another trainer in our FREE TRAINER SERIES.

No forced registration. No begging for donations.

Here at CH, FREE means FREE. Enjoy!


Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Infinite Health
Numpad 2: Infinite Stamina
Numpad 3: No Hunger
Numpad 4: No Thirst
Numpad 5: Infinite Breath
Numpad 6: Super Speed
Numpad 7: Super Jump

Options (Editor)

Edit: MaxH P
Edit: CurH P
Edit: MaxS T
Edit: CurS T
Edit: MaxHUNGE R
Edit: CurHUNGE R
Edit: MaxTHIRS T
Edit: CurTHIRS T
Edit: MaxO 2
Edit: CurO 2
Edit: Player Default Forward Speed
Edit: Stats -> Strength
Edit: Stats -> Stamina
Edit: Stats -> Control
Edit: Stats -> Logic
Edit: Stats -> Speed
Edit: Stats -> Psy Strength
Edit: Stats -> Psy Depth
Edit: Skills -> Aggressive_fighting
Edit: Skills -> Alchemy
Edit: Skills -> Animal_husbandry
Edit: Skills -> Animal_taming
Edit: Skills -> Archery
Edit: Skills -> Armour_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Axes
Edit: Skills -> Baking
Edit: Skills -> Beverages
Edit: Skills -> Blacksmithing
Edit: Skills -> Blades_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Botanizing
Edit: Skills -> Bowyery
Edit: Skills -> Butchering
Edit: Skills -> Carpentry
Edit: Skills -> Carving_knife
Edit: Skills -> Catapults
Edit: Skills -> Chain_armour_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Channeling
Edit: Skills -> Climbing
Edit: Skills -> Cloth_tailoring
Edit: Skills -> Clubs
Edit: Skills -> Coal_making
Edit: Skills -> Cooking
Edit: Skills -> Dairy_food_making
Edit: Skills -> Defensive_fighting
Edit: Skills -> Digging
Edit: Skills -> Exorcism
Edit: Skills -> Farming
Edit: Skills -> Fighting
Edit: Skills -> Fine_carpentry
Edit: Skills -> Firemaking
Edit: Skills -> First_aid
Edit: Skills -> Fishing
Edit: Skills -> Fletching
Edit: Skills -> Foraging
Edit: Skills -> Forestry
Edit: Skills -> Gardening
Edit: Skills -> Healing
Edit: Skills -> Hot_food_cooking
Edit: Skills -> Jewelry_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Knives
Edit: Skills -> Leatherworking
Edit: Skills -> Lockpicking
Edit: Skills -> Locksmithing
Edit: Skills -> Masonry
Edit: Skills -> Mauls
Edit: Skills -> Meditating
Edit: Skills -> Metallurgy
Edit: Skills -> Milking
Edit: Skills -> Milling
Edit: Skills -> Mining
Edit: Skills -> Miscellaneous_items
Edit: Skills -> Natural_substances
Edit: Skills -> Nature
Edit: Skills -> Normal_fighting
Edit: Skills -> Papyrusmaking
Edit: Skills -> Paving
Edit: Skills -> Plate_armour_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Polearms
Edit: Skills -> Pottery
Edit: Skills -> Praying
Edit: Skills -> Preaching
Edit: Skills -> Prospecting
Edit: Skills -> Puppeteering
Edit: Skills -> Repairing
Edit: Skills -> Ropemaking
Edit: Skills -> Shield_bashing
Edit: Skills -> Shield_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Shields
Edit: Skills -> Ship_building
Edit: Skills -> Smithing
Edit: Skills -> Stealing
Edit: Skills -> Stone_cutting
Edit: Skills -> Swords
Edit: Skills -> Tailoring
Edit: Skills -> Taunting
Edit: Skills -> Thatching
Edit: Skills -> Thievery
Edit: Skills -> Toy_making
Edit: Skills -> Toys
Edit: Skills -> Tracking
Edit: Skills -> Traps
Edit: Skills -> War_machines
Edit: Skills -> Weapon_heads_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Weapon_smithing
Edit: Skills -> Weaponless_fighting
Edit: Skills -> Woodcutting
Edit: Skills -> Grass_tailoring
Edit: Jump -> Extra Height

- Super Speed:
While active your running speed is greatly increased.
Use it together with super jump and you got a fly mode.

- Super Jump:
While active press and HOLD the jump button and you jump higher
and higher. If you keep holding jump button while super speed is active
and you can (run) / fly over the map.

The trainer requires .NET framework 4.5 or above.
The trainer does not work on Vista or older.

sirchet  posted on Dec 20, 2015 1:13:02 PM - Report post

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Just thought I would mention that when this game leaves early access it will be an MMO.

The devs said this;

Novus Inceptio is a survival sandbox game with elements of MMO. It isnt primarily focused on the destruction of structures, the main objective of the game is to create and maintain shared values. Since the game is currently in early access or in GHOST mode, our goal is to create a proper MMO survival adventure focused on building new civilizations.
In the GHOST mode, only single player and 64km2 of workable land is available. GHOST mode is a sample of the full MMO and serves as a preview of the interactions, gaming principes, and the mechanics.

I wasn't sure if you guys had seen this, or had time between making trainers to read up on it and I know how you feel about training an on-line game.

0x90  posted on Dec 20, 2015 1:59:00 PM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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It is declared as SINGLEPLAYER game on Steam. There is no word of multiplayer, nor you can actually play any kind of multiplayer. We will retire the game when it becomes an MMO and there is no way to play alone.

Besides of that the devleopers should start learning to make a proper client/server architecture before talking about MMO because at the current state everything is handled on the client side.

sojun  posted on Nov 21, 2016 9:06:45 AM - Report post

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Will this trainer get any updates
0x90  posted on Nov 21, 2016 9:11:08 AM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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Please use the update notification system to report a game patch, update or to report that the trainer may not be working with the latest version of the game.


sojun  posted on Nov 24, 2016 5:47:06 PM - Report post

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originally posted by 0x90

Please use the update notification system to report a game patch, update or to report that the trainer may not be working with the latest version of the game.


I have reported out of date trainers but nothing happens thats why i asked if this game was still being updated

PWizard  posted on Nov 24, 2016 7:58:59 PM - Report post

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We typically don't look at it until we get 3 or more reports so that we know more than 1 person is still playing the game. We have literally thousands of other games, new and old to support every day and we have to prioritize.
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