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Inventory Editor (Like in Terraria)
malhavoc431  posted on Dec 07, 2013 3:53:00 AM - Report post

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originally posted by 0x90

I'll take a look on it but as of now I have too many games on my todo list so it may take a while.

Oh lord, I bet you do! No worries though. The trainer is far more than enough and very much appreciated! Keep up the fantastic work 0x90.

Ashar  posted on Dec 07, 2013 7:58:28 AM - Report post

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as for editing recipes, ive been able to edit the smelting recipes, specificly copper. Any of the lower level recipes should work, but this way, when ever i need any resouces, i just exit game, change the recipe for copperbar to produce something else, load up game again, and wallah, you have your mats. I just restarted the game, and using this method gave myself a stack of all the building resources, so i dont have to scour the universe for mats.
Astrian  posted on Dec 07, 2013 1:34:15 PM - Report post

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may i ask how you do this? i understand the assests folder has all the items and what not. but i havent been able to figure out how to change stats
Ashar  posted on Dec 07, 2013 2:15:16 PM - Report post

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sure, player stats only take effect when you create a new character, so it means restarting, but since i can spawn in anything i want (apart from tech) you soon get back to where you were. Go to \SteamApps\common\Starbound\assets and open player.config

Near the bottom of the file, there settigns for stats, ive set mine as follows:

"maxHealth" : 9999.0,
"maxEnergy" : 9999.0,
"maxFood" : 999.0,
"maxBreath" : 999.0,

"energyReplenishmentRate" : 9999.0,
"foodDepletionRate" : 0.0,

"breathReplenishmentRate" : 999,
"breathDepletionRate" : 0,

"lightStrength" : 1.0,

"footstepTiming" : 0.35,
"footstepSensor" : [0, -3.1],

"fallDamageFactor" : 0.0,

The only annoying thing is this makes your hp and energy really, REALLY long, though seeing as its so high, and you dont really need to see it anymore, i edited the interface config to hide the hp and energy bar, so all is well.
To hide those 2 bars, i simply altered the coords for them to be offscreen, open the interface.config in same folder, and alter lines as below:

// Offset from top left of screen
"healthPos" : [0, 0],
"energyPos" : [0, 0],

Offtopic, ive been playing around with the graphics for the game, i didnt like the color of my ship, or the beam in/out so i changed them to a more blue color, you can edit any png file and keep the transparency with this free online editor: Link i found, or whatever photo editor you like to use.

Dont forget to make backups before editing I created a backup of the entire assets folder to be safe.

BTW, If anyone does find a way of spawning in tech, let me know, i can spawn in the actual tech, but it jsut goes into my main inventory, and i cant do anythign with it, since normally when you pick it up, it is automaticly added to your tech list.

[Edited by Ashar, 12/7/2013 2:19:29 PM]

0x90  posted on Dec 07, 2013 2:28:41 PM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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I've identified the item structure and was successful by adding new items. That's the good news but it's like I said a bit more complex and could be really trick to get it to work outside of manually reversing.

Basically the inventory holds only pointers to the items where the items are created on the fly, so the pointers are only valid on each run. Just need to find a way to get these pointers without reversing...

alexander91  posted on Dec 07, 2013 4:58:14 PM - Report post

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I think you'd need to spawn in the blueprint of the tech rather than the tech itself, unless you reverse the game and somehow move it into the tech slot..

Also, how did you get recipes to work? When I change a recipe output item, the item in the crafting list just disappears..

Nevermind realized what I was doing wrong, strange how it only works for smelting.. I'm guessing it's to do with item grouping.

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Ashar  posted on Dec 07, 2013 5:23:17 PM - Report post

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i'll look into tech more, its the one thing i havnt figured out yet. I really want the mech, that thing looks awesome.

Woo, found them, add -chip to the end:


[Edited by Ashar, 12/7/2013 5:43:02 PM]

chrismash  posted on Dec 07, 2013 7:19:45 PM - Report post

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How do you spawn in anything you want?
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