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Posted: Feb 08, 2012 9:53:29 AM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

 originally posted by fox23vang:

5 of 10
This game is just a terrible PC port as usual, definitely an rpg meant to stay on consoles. There are so many things annoying about this game but ill mention the main ones.

1. The number one most annoying and game breaking thing about this game for me was the camera angle/zoom(lack there of)/fov. The camera is just absolutely atrocious it hurts to play. Zoom is way too close and no zoom out option. Sometimes youll find yourself fighting monsters completely out of view of the action.

2. Questing is trash and worse than quest grinding in an MMO like wow for example.

3. The story is completely uninteresting made me just skip most the dialog at most points.

4. Graphics are dated back to 2004 comparable to World of Warcraft level almost.

5. Lack of faster travel like a mount/horse

6. Ive played WoW for years and this game copies just about everything, with less polish and nobody to play with. Save your money and resubscribe to wow for a month its a much better deal.

There is really only one thing that makes this game even worth sitting through for an hour and that is the combat it is very rewarding and fun. Thats about the only thing this game does right. The reviewers at IGN must have lost their F'ing minds or got paid to give this game a 90 of 100. This game is atrocious.

Every game these days is a console port just about. I think you rated it too harsh. I do agree that the camera needs to be fixed and it's going to be according to sources I've talked with about it. The game just came out and I'm impressed with how stable it is. I also wish there was an option to just walk instead of always jogging and sprinting. Hopefully they'll add that option in as well. I imagine they'll add in horses in a DLC in the future.

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Plus points:
Not many in my opinion:
'Fresh' lore.
Lots and lots to do.
Good music/acting.
Some interesting characters.

Minus points:
Graphics are hopeless and have a dated '4 year old' feel about them.

Dull repetitive quests.

NPC's always tell you what to do twice! (albeit in a different way)

Maps, Inventory, upgrades, crafting and alchemy are all fiddly and cumbersome.

Combat is repetitive and dull, regardless of class.

Unlikely to demand a replay - simply because all the quests are the same, unlike Dragon Age or Skyrim.

No command console! No modding potential...?

After completing this I simply couldn't be bothered to play through it again, and found myself back to modding Skyrim and having a great time. I cannot even remember most of the story as it all seemed so inconsequential:- hack/slash - report to quest giver. Rinse & repeat.

I love RPG's, so I was sadly extremly dissapointed that the PC has yet again been let down.

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Posted: Feb 18, 2012 4:41:44 PM - Report post  (1)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

Call me crazy, but I'm having a blast with Kingdoms of Amalur. The storyline is decent, the action is fun and there is a ton of side quests. The graphics are about five years old, but I've always been a "gameplay over graphics" guy.

The important thing about this game is it's an RPG, and we all know they don't make many RPG's anymore. I admit this game can't touch Skyrim, and it probably should have been priced at $40. Oh well, I'm having fun. I give it a solid 7/10!

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Posted: Feb 18, 2012 6:35:05 PM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

I think people are getting a little spoiled by massive open-world games like The Elder Scrolls to the point where people automatically expect that kind of game from an RPG. It's never fair to compare two separate games and I hate the way that's become the normal thing to do, even by professional reviewers- "Oh, this game doesn't even compare to suchandsuch a game which I personally enjoy and every game should be like".

Amalur is getting too much hate because everyone seems to expect it to be a Skyrim-esque game. Accept the fact that The Elder Scrolls are built and designed specifically to be massive open world because that's how they've come to be known as as not every game is going to follow that design, and you'll enjoy gaming a whole lot more.

One grip I have, though, is the menus. It doesn't feel right and I just can't seem to like it. It feels a lot like the War in the North menus in fact, even down to the three-quarters-spinning-wheel for the saving/loading icon.

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This is a great game if you are like me a break a game up to 4 parts.There is your character for 1 part great in this game.1 part for the story great.1 part for the scenery really amazing.1 part for the foes you fight and I think this is where Skyrim falls down rather badly the foes in that are somewhat boring but the foes in this game are simply grand to look at and lots of fun to kill even the wolf has a special kind of charge attack so cool.
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Unfortunately, after playing and completing Skyrim, playing these genre of games afterwards just doesn't cut it. I finished Witcher 2 and in the middle of playing this game and I have to rate Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning a 5/10 so far. Skyrim has no equal and this game just plain sucks. Mabye it will grow on me after completing more quests but so far I just don't like it.
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