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As Wizzard stated the current trainer still works. The Game though uses a hars way of dealing with leveling. Let me explain:

( I know its a bit of text but it will help you understand what the trainer is doing for you)

Trainer options:

1) inf HP.
This option i find when turned on will seet your hp to its current max just before you recieve dmg. Resulting in that if your struck by an attack you max hp will be deminished by the amount of that one attack only. The next attack that lands does the same.

In theory this should render you invincible. But please read my level comment at trainer option 5. as that overrules certain things. IF you have this option on and you get attacked for more than your maximum health you die, but the game does not register it. You will need to reload your previous save and not die next time.

2) inf Mana
Works the same as for inf HP. if turned on it fills your mana before activating the skill. resulting in a drain on your mana equal to your skill drain. the next skill uses a full mana bar again.

Keep in mind that if you Block incomming attacks they do mana damage. if you lose your mana this way, the attacks will hurt your hp. use anny skill ( defensive mostly because yoru already blocking to replenish the mana )

3) inf powerthingy
with this turned on skills dont use up your power thingies. meaning you can use power based skills infinitely. Usefull if you need to do some extra dmg or use better skills to advance.

4) Quick Kill
I dont use this option, It has the danger of killing off NPC characters that you need later in the game, by acident. use at your own discretion.

5) Level up ( extra EXP )
This option gives you a huge boost to EXP, activate it multiple times to get more, actually leveling up requires to obtain exp the normal way, so kill a mob, do a quest, discover something. your lvl up screen will show when appropriate.


The Dungeonsiege 3 game works with a progressive level system. Monster ( bandits in the beginning ect ) levels are always on par with your own. Their skills are relative to their level. So if you level up, the monsters get stronger.

For you the player this does not count. jes you get more skills at your disposal if you level up but you need EQUIPMENT to upp your stats.

At the beginning of the game you dont get high level equipment. So if you use this option in the beginning ( and even further down the game ) you position yourself in a dificult situation. I leveld to lvl 40 had 600 HP and the first bandit killed me instantly.

Now remember how option 1 works. I had it on at the time, meaning that one bandid hit me for more then 600 HP. So that is why i would advise against using this option if your going to play the game.

If you want to check which caracters skills complete your playstyle this option rocks.

6) add GOLD
Each time you activate this option it adds 10.000 gold, you need to pick up some gold after activating it to see the result. Just keep the button pressed for a salvo of ac-ac-ac-ac-acti-ac-ac-activated's and then pick up some gold to get like 600.000 quickly.

Now you know what all the options really do ingame, I guess it will help a lot of you people out who had trouble due to high level or not understanding the hp max option.

If you find changes or errors in my findigns please post them in reaction so we all can benefit from the work This website is doing for us.

My Regards,


~ Wisperings: MrDhjins ~
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