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 Your Aim in Life...  
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#1 thing is to have a family with at least one son and daughter. If I don't do that I might as well have never been born because I would consider myself a complete and utter failure.

As for the rest, I'm graduating from mechanical engineering next year. I want to work with a car company in a division that makes quality vehicles. Not crappy little economy cars with no purpose but to be cheap and efficient but something I can be proud to work on, something with noteworthy performance, luxury, or advanced technologies.

I know what cars I plan to own throughout my life also. First car will either be a used Mercedes 190E or 500E from the mid to late nineties. After that it'll be a Cadillac CTS-V and Audi Q7 for the family. At some point I will get my hands on an R34 Skyline and with my retirement money a used Lamborghini. There's a reasoning behind every one of those cars that goes beyond simply being cool.

I know how much each will cost and that I will be able to afford them. Most importantly I will never take out a bank loan to buy a car, I'll spend the years before I get married to save up the majority of money I earn to have the CTS-V before I have major bills and responsibilities. And because I will run that car into the ground I won't be forced into a bank loan as I'll already have a car good enough for a small family.

As for charity there are two causes I hope to support. The first is to help fund cancer research and the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. The second is to support rehabilitation of injured police officers, firefighters and soldiers. I chose these because I feel they are the best ways to give back to this great country but also because I feel the money will actually go to good use.

The last thing is too create my own "family compound". 20 minutes north of my family's current home is farmland and relatively cheap land. I plan to buy enough land to build 4 houses and have three built on the property along with a large garage and a shared lawn for me and my cousins (dad's brother's son and daughter) to raise our kids in a good family environment.

I have no interest in becoming a millionaire or becoming famous. I want nothing less than to be invisible to those outside of my life. I just want to live my life, be a good husband and father, and to enjoy the rewards of the hard work I've done throughout university.

I don't want a big car, particularly. I have no need for acreage, and I don't like the fuel bills. But I don't want a small one because they're all like supermarket own-brand cola: weedy imitations of the real thing - Jeremy Clarkson

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F*** b*****s, get money. haha

But seriously, I'm a marketing major and I would like to eventually work for a video game publisher, i.e. Bethesda Softworks or EA Games.

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 originally posted by elle_sweetheart:

My simple aim is to make somebody smile, every day. Just being around someone who can make you smile can brighten your day, week, month, even year. So that`s how I intend to change things.

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I have several aims in life...this being one of them ^^

My other ones are to visit all seven continents as well as being able to do some collaborative work with famous artists and designers out there.

A simple 24-year-old boy.

My avatar is hot.
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