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 Blizzard Bans Single Player Cheaters  
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Posted: Nov 18, 2010 11:08:13 AM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

 originally posted by Bes:

I finally got a reply from Blizzard customer support. I'm a little shocked.

"Dear [Matt],

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Customer Support. As you may have noticed, a lot of websites have been posting information that we are banning single player cheaters. And while this information is true, there is a good reason for it. When you cheat in single player mode, the achievements that you earn directly affect your multiplayer standing. While we do realize that once you buy our games, they become your property, we do reserve the right to terminate your game at any time whenever we feel it is necessary. I hope this has cleared up any confusion.

[Customer Service Rep]"

hoooo man that was COLD !

well some people Uses a small *FIX* to the game so they can use the trainer and play with the A.I. offline and without getting BANNED sure but i dont think its legal , but is it ?

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I have never actually viewed the Trainers as hacks. Hacking sounds very cloak and dagger and that isn't what a trainer is about. I have always thought of Trainers as user friendly mods that only affect the player, mods that allow casual gamers like myself (who don't have 2-3 hours a day to sit around playing video games) a chance to play a handicap and not be outcasted for it.

My opinion on achievements is very low, partly because I have never made any preconceptions about a player in regards to his achievements, but mostly because they have never held any value to me. I treat gaming software like entertainment media in the same way one might listen to a cassette or watch a dvd, it is a source of enjoyment. But every so often I like to enhance that enjoyment. Now instead of buying cassettes, I'll buy cd's, which provide a cleaner, purer sound. Instead of dvd's I now buy blu-ray which offers a near perfect picture. With my gaming software, I use mods, and I enjoy games on a whole new level that is so revolutionary it is akin to what the cd did for the cassette and blu-ray for the dvd.

However inspite of all this and the many untold millions of gamers rich or poor, Chinese or Indian who enjoy these mods, there are actually those who would strive to bring this new form of entertainment to it's knees, those who would grasp the poisioned dagger and litretly kill the fun for so many men, women and children. I only thought monsters existed in fairy tales, but it would seem I was wrong. Monsters do exist and they call themselves Blizzard Entertainment, oh what bitter irony.

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