Request a Trainer

Use this form to request that a game be added to the active requests list.

DO NOT use this form if:
  • The game is already on the request list.
  • The game is on the permanently retired list.
  • The game is a Multiplayer/Online only game.
  • The game is already in our system and has trainers available.

Due to a high volume of request spam, it now requires 50 available credits in order to submit a title request. If the request is approved, those 50 credits will be applied towards the game. If the request exists on the permanently retired list or is an online or multiplayer only game then your credits will be used as a penalty. If the request is denied for any other reason, your credits will be returned to you.

This form should not be used to request an update to an existing trainer or for a different version of an existing trainer. Please use the trainer update notification system located on the right hand side of the screen on each game's index page or the game's official trainer thread.

You must be signed in to request a trainer. Just one of the many benefits of Cheat Happens Premium.