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Nascar Thunder 2002
Sony PlayStation 2
Bonus cars: Enter one of the following names when creating a driver to unlock a bonus car.

Audrey Clark
Benny Parsons
Buster Auton
Cheryl King
Chuck Spicer
Crissy Hillsworth
Daryl Wolfe
Dave Alpern
Dave Nichols
Diane Grubb
Dick Paysor
Jim Hannigan
Joey Joulwan
Josh Neelon
Katrina Goode
Ken Patterson
Kristi Jones
Mandy Misiak
Michelle Emser
Rick Edwards
Rick Humphrey
Sasha Soares
Scott Brewer
Tom Renedo
Traci Hultzapple
Troi Hayes

Richmond trick:
At Richmond, most of the 90% of the time, half way there will be a wreck on the track. If you have already pited, it will put you a lap down. If you are beside the pace car, when you are asked to pit, put yes. Then abort the pit and it will put you in front of the pace car and then it will bring you around the track to the end of the line and let you get your lap back. (I only know that it works if two people are playing. One person I do not know)
(supplied by: Chris Miller)

Martinsville trick:
When you are playing with another person. At Martinsville when a caution comes out and all the cars in front of you get bunched up, when asked to pit, put yes and when you pit(if the other cars do not) hit abort and it will take you through the pits at the same speed as the cars are going on the track, but you do not have to go as far. You will come out two or three spots better then when you went in. You can even get in front of the pace car. But all the cars have to be bunched up. If one car goes in befor you, it will let the rest of the cars catch up with the pace car. (in turn, they go faster to catch up with the pace car)
(supplied by: Chris Miller)

Pit tactics:
Whenever you are in a long race and need to pit, pit about 6 or 7 laps before the rest. This will make you faster than the rest of the cars, and when they pit, you will be way ahead. This can work on short races, but pit wisely.
(supplied by: NascarWiz)

Another Richmond trick:
If you are leading or in the top five, there will be a crash. Usually what happens is somebody will head toward pit road, see a crash and try to turn out of pit road. They will then smack the pit wall and be out of the race. If you can keep going, other drivers will go toward pit road, turn out, and slow down about 2-3 seconds. I tryed this and lapped the whole field.
(supplied by: Nascar2003King)

Unlock the Boca Chica track:
To unlock Boca Chica track, you must finish first in the Road Course Challenge.
(supplied by: Nascar Man)

Talledega trick:
If you are racing a 47 lap race at Talledega, find a person to draft with and then you will be faster than even the biggest packs. The best way is to stick with that car the whole way. Also, make sure that you stay behind the car, if not, you guys will be about 10 miles per/hour slower and the pack will catch you. Tip: If you are the leader, draft a lap car. At the end of the race, you will be fast and wont have to worry about passing the leader for the win.
(supplied by: Speed Demon)


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