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Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone
Game Boy Color
Get Infinite Potion Ingedients:
During or after(after is the best) the Herbology lesson, Professor Sprout tells you to find herbs for an assignment.You an find an herb or ingredient,press 'A' to recieve it, press 'Start',press 'B' and recieve the item again!
(supplied by: GeniusGeneralLee)

Gain tons of House Points:
You can(while doing the Herb assignment) go back and forth between Hagrid and Sprout's,you need the fangs first though, talk to Sprout, gain 1 House Point, and continue this by going to Hagrid's, then going to Sprout's.
(supplied by: GeniusGeneralLee)

After you beat the game (the game restarts), to get all your spells back at the maximum level, get into a battle and use the card combination "Enchantment". It should be the last combination that you have.
(supplied by: cosmo_dragon)

Peeves hides the presents in the room across the hall from the Acient Runes class room. It is on the 6th floor.
(supplied by: sfriedma)

Finding a Tie:
To find the tie for the ghost on the 6th floor, go to the Entrance Hall, where the feast is, stand between the gargoyles then the the first one on the left of Harry Potter, press A then you will recieve a tie.
(supplied by: Mindy)

Get Herbs:
Go to any herb location (most are located outside) and take an herb from the fern, bush, or rock. Select the start menu and then exit out of the menu. Pick up another herb from the same location. You should be able to get any number of herbs this way.
(supplied by: TiEmYsHoE007)

Wizard cards:
When you enter Hogwarts take a left. At the second door to the left go in. Press A on all the drawers on the tan cabinet to get a wizard card. Then go to the black boiler in the same room and press A all around to get another wizard card.
(supplied by: dclybeck)


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