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Simpsons: Road Rage
Sony PlayStation 2
At the Options menu, hold L + R, then enter the codes.

Unlock Todd FlandersAt the title screen, hold L1 and R1 & press X
Unlock Soapbox CarTriangle, Triangle, Square, Circle
Unlock Mr. Burn's CarTriangle, Triangle, Square, Square
Unlock Nuclear BusTriangle, Triangle, Square, X
More MoneySquare, Square, Square, Square
More Camera ViewsTriangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Night ModeX, X, X, X
Flat CharactersCircle, Circle, Circle, Circle
Collision LinesTriangle, Triangle, X, X
Overhead view Circle, Circle, Circle, Square
Stop timeCircle, Triangle, Square, X
Slo-Mo ModeX, Circle, Triangle, Square
New Year's KrustyTriangle, Triangle, Circle, Square
(or set the date to Jan 1)
Halloween BartTriangle, Triangle, Circle, A
(or set the date to Oct 10)
Thanksgiving MargeTriangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
(or set the date to Nov 22)
Christmas ApuTriangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
(or set the date to Dec 25)


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