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Europa Universalis 2
Cheat Codes
During gameplay, press [F12] for the cheat window, type any of the following codes, then press [Ctrl] + [F12] to exit cheat window:

colombusReveal Map
pappenheimRemove Fog of War
russianhordesNo Manpower Limits
difrulesNever Lose a Battle
swift+10000 Population to Capital
montezuma+50000 Ducats
dagama6 Traders
pocahontas6 Colonists
vatican6 Diplomats
richelieuControl All Military Units
wallensteinReview Status of All Provinces
robespierreChange Domestic Policy Freely
gustavus+100 Ducats to Land Tech Investment
drake+100 Ducats to Naval Tech Investment
cromwell+100 Ducats to Infra Tech Investment
polo+100 Ducats to Trade Tech Investment
cortezToggle Natives
albaToggle Revolts
tordesillasToggle Effects of Treaty of Tordesillas
tillyToggle AI Declaring War
lutherToggle Effects of Reformation
calvinToggle Effects of John Calvin
trentToggle Effect of Council of Trent
event #Trigger Event # (1000-1076)
neyGame Doesn't Pause When Event Occurs


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