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Simpsons: Road Rage
At the Options menu, hold L + R, then enter the codes.

Slow motionA, X, B, Y
Unlock Soapbox CarB, B, Y, X
Unlock Mr. Burn's CarB, B, Y, Y
Unlock Nuclear BusB, B, Y, A
More MoneyY, Y, Y, Y
More Camera ViewsB, B, B, B
Night ModeA, A, A, A
No Map DisplayX, Y, Y, B
TurboA, Y, Y, A
Flat CharactersX, X, X, X
Collision LinesB, B, A, A
New Year's KrustyB, B, X, Y (or set the date to Jan 1)
Halloween BartB, B, X, A (or set the date to Oct 10)
Thanksgiving MargeB, B, X, X (or set the date to Nov 22)
Christmas ApuB, B, X, B (or set the date to Dec 25)


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