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Seven Kingdoms 2
Cheat Codes
To enable cheat mode simply type !!##%%&&. This has to be done for every new mission. A message should come up "Cheat codes enabled".

CTRL+MReveal Map
CTRL+C+1000 Treasure
CTRL+ZFast Build Mode
CTRL+;+10 Population in Selected Town
CTRL++Seat of Power Full
CTRL+JUnknown Effect
CTRL+TKnow All Technology
CTRL+UToggle Mortal/Immortal King Mode
CTRL+AToggle Debug Messages
CTRL+DToggle AI Info
CTRL+\+1000 Food
ALT+CTRL+E-10 Reputation
ALT+CTRL+R+10 Reputation
ALT+CTRL+K-20 Damage to Selected Building
ALT+CTRL+J+20 Damage to Selected Building
ALT+CTRL+X-1000 Treasure
ALT+CTRL+C-1000 Food


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