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3D Ultra RC Racers
Cheat Codes
To use these cheat codes, type them in during a race (except the MONEY code, which must be typed while in the Upgrade menu). If you pause the game by hitting P, you can type in the cheats while the game is paused.

money$200 - See Below
slipperyLoss of Traction
turboDouble Speed
warUnlimited Bottle Rockets
bouncyExtra Springy Vehicles
stickyIncreased Traction
ghostAll “Ghosted” Vehicles (No Collisions)
hitmeAggressive Computer Drivers
moonReduced Gravity
heavyIncreased Gravity

Money Cheat Instructions
Unlike the other cheat codes, your name must be “i cheat” and MONEY must be entered while you are in the Upgrade menu.


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