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Warzone 2100
Cheat Codes
Cheat codes only work when you apply the Patch - 1.01.

Current Warzone 2100 Cheat Codes. Press 'T', type the code and hit [ENTER].

time toggleStops and starts the mission timer
get off my landKills all enemy units on the map
show me the powerGives 1000 extra power
double upAll of your units are twice as tough
timedemoShows frame rate and gfx engine data
kill selectedKills the presently selected units
easySets easy difficulty level
whale finGives 1000 extra power
hallo mein schatzSkip to next mission
work harderCompletes all currently active research topics
normalSets normal difficulty level
hardSets hard difficulty level
versionTells you when the game code was compiled
john kettleyToggle weather: snow, rain, clear
biffer bakerUnits almost indestructible
shakeyScreen shakes when units explode
how fastDisplay game speed
sparkle greenStronger units
carol vordermanDisplays a programmer message
mouseflipFlips direction when you change the angle


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