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World War 3: Black Gold
Cheat Codes
Ingame press 'Enter' and enter 'peace'. This will enable the following codes:

NobelPrize 1Instant Research
SmashLarge Blow in the Center of Screen
ShowerLarge Amount of Blows on Screen Area
MoneyForNothing Gives of Money
HereYouAre!Reveal Enemy Units & Buildings
BeautifulWorldReveal Map
Limit_up Set Total Units cost to
GoHome!Destroy All of Your Units
ByeByeDestroy Enemy Units
TromavilleWeaken Enemy Structures
MoonlightReveal Area
HideHide Current Map
IDKFAHeal Selected Units
MyBrainIsFasterChange Research Speed
UltraScienceFast Research
ScienceForNothingCheap Research
JudgementDayDestroy All Enemy Units


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