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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms
Cheat Codes
After starting a skirmish game or multiplayer mode press [Enter] to pop up the message box. Press + then enter a code below and press [Enter] to activate it.

combustionEnemies Die
ditherDithering Instead of Line of Sight
doubleshotWeapons do Double Damage
atmFill Mana
bigbrotherUnits Say Different Lines
cdstartStart/Stop Music
fogcolor 1-256Change Fog Color
halfshotWeapons do Half Damage
iloseInstant Loss
infraredFog of War On/Off
nanolathingNanolathing and Metal Using Doubled
noenergyNo Energy
nometalNo Metal
nowiseeFull Map
radar100% Radar Coverage
shareradarShare Radar Info
iwinInstant Win
kill 0-4Kill Player #
lotsabloodMore Blood
lusheeLimited Resource Increase
meteorRandom Meteor Shower
shootallUnits Target All Enemies
singUnits Sing when Given Orders
tiltMaximum Men and Material
view 0-4View Player# Metal and Energy
zipperFaster Unit Building


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