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No One Lives Forever
Cheat Codes
In-game just press [T] and then enter the following codes:

mpmapholeComplete Mission
mpdrdentzFull Health
mpwonderbraFull Armor
mpimyourfatherGod Mode
mpwegotdeathstarInfinite Ammo
mpkingoftehmonstarsAll Items/Weapons & Unlimited Ammo
mpmimimiAll Items/Weapons & Unlimited Ammo
mprosebud or mpracerboySpawn Snowtruck
mpposToggle Position Display
mpflowerpowerPaintball Mode
mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkeyAdd All Armor Options
mpgoattechAll Weapon Upgrades
mpmikedExit Game
mpbuildShow Game Build
mpasscam3rd Person View
mpexorbitantamountsExtra Blood Mode


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