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Cheat Codes
WARNING: If you use the "allit" or "gimme all" cheats you may not be able to progress through the advanced levels of the game. The game will check to see if you have collected the Time Machine pieces, and if you have through cheating, it will not allow you to pick them up.

Press [~] and then type the code:

.jt #Jump to Level #
allitAll Weapons and Items
satanGod Mode
megabossGod Mode
gimme allAll Weapons and Items

Level Numbers and Corresponding Names:

41First Steps
01Outer Citadel
30Through the Citadel
10Middle Castle
33In the Middle of the Castle
11The Cathedral
34The Darker Cathedral
12The Cemetary
13The High Castle
14The Castle Cathedral
17The Factory
35The Machine Park
07The Train Station
08U-Boat Bunker
32U-Boat Pen
06V2 Factory
09City Ruins
24The Duel
15The Time Machine
02The Future Time Machine
28Time Machine Facility
05Underground Channels
31The Sewers
03Droid Factory
19Computing Center
04City in the Clouds
16The Spaceport
29Docking Bay 94
23The Flying Fortress


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