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Moon Project, The
Cheat Codes
Type these codes during the game:

Cheater 1Activate Cheat Mode
MoneyForNothing #Increase Money to #
ByeByeLose Scenario
ShowerLightning Rain
Limit_Up #Increase Units Limit to #
beautifulmoon 1Show Map
hotgroundPlace Mines
GoHome!Destroys Your Selected Building
SmashDestroys Selected Enemy Building
JudgementDayDestroys All Enemies in View
ScienceForNothingFree Research
MyBrainIsFaster 1Fast Research
HereYouAre!Shows All Enemies in View
HideReplaces Fog of War in View
MoonlightRemoves Fog of War in View
NobelPrizeResearch Everything
TromavilleDamages All Visible Enemies


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