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Madden NFL 2000
Cheat Codes
Complete the Madden Challenge, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

firstis2020 yard first downs
painfulIncreased injuries
itsinthegameEA stadium
wildwestDodge City stadium
cowboysMarshalls fantasy team
mojoAll 60s team
sideburnsAll 70s team
killerjokeClown Team
phalanxCenturian Team
nopicksNo interceptions
qbintheclubPerfect passes
quarkandstarBig versus small players
snaptaclepntSugar Buzz Team
xmasgiftXMax Rush Stadium
btheballBall Cam
refisblindBlind Ref
inthefutureIndustrials Team
airmaddenSuper Jump
teammaddenAll Madden Team
weputithereTiburon Stadium
maganasaveHands of Glue
NO2Super SPeed Burst
pickedoffEasy Interceptions
pancakesAlpha Blitz Stadium
drbenway'81 Chargers Team
smackdownStiffer Arm
woogiewoogieElectric Sidelines
moonballSuper Jumps
industrialsRobot Team
rollergirlMore Fumbles
wearethegameEA Sports Team
sharkattackTiburon Team
pcbsHidden Savage Field Stadium
thothBonus Mummies Team

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