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Le Mans 24 Hours
Cheat Codes
All the following cheats should be entered as the Drivers Name. If you entered them correctly, the screen will flash repeatedly and appear to have cracked. Some of these cheats will automatically take you to certain pre-race screens. From now on read LM as being "Le Mans mode" and AM as "Arcade Mode":

ENDOFFERSAll Championship Cars
LEMANSOFFERSPick From Any GT1, GT2, etc in LM
DEBORACINGRace for Debora Racing Team in LM
MAKEITPEASYRace Over 1 Lap in LM, Others Cars Handicapped
ALLTHECARSNOWAll Cars in Arcade Mode
ALLTRACKSPLEASEAll Tracks in Arcade Mode
TOYOTA1999Race for Toyota Team
1999AUDISecret Audi Prototype
19BMW99Secret BMW Prototype
DEBORALMSecret Debora Racing Team
1999CHEATCARSAll Secret Prototype GT1 and GT2 Cars


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