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Jagged Alliance 2
Cheat Mode (v1.06+ required)
The cheat ability can be turned on by holding down [CTRL] and typing G A B B I when in the tactical game screen. Once cheat mode is turned on, you can use:

(Tactical Screen)

[ALT] + DRefresh APs of selected character
[ALT] + RReload selected character's gun
[CTRL] + URefresh all characters' health and energy (heals them)
[ALT] + ENTERAborts enemies turn
[ALT] + EMake all characters (enemies and NPCs) and items visible
[ALT] + OKill all enemies in current sector
[ALT] + TTeleport selected character to cursor location
[CTRL] + HHurt character under cursor location

(Map Screen)

[ALT] + AUTO RESOLVEKill all enemies in sector (without having to load sector and use ALT + O)
[CTRL] + TIn travel mode, teleport squad to sector under cursor


[-]Decrease funds by $ 10,000
[+]Increase funds by $100,000
[SPACE]While Left-clicking merc forces any "away" character to join team


[ALT] + IItem appears at cursor
[ALT] + KMustard gas explosion at cursor
[ALT] + O100pts of damage to all enemies in sector
[ALT] + 5Character changes to monster
[ALT] + GCreate new character
[ALT] + BEnemy appears at cursor
[ALT] + CCivilian appears at cursor
[ALT] + VCreate robot
[ALT] + 4Character sits in wheelchair


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