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Hype: The Time Quest
Cheat Codes

littletrollRestore Life Points When Idle
littlegogoudRestore Magic Points When Idle
youngelf+10 Blue Arrows
oldelf+10 Red Arrows
grolot+1 of Everything in Inventory
toutundefiDestroy Shield
tunnelChange Camera
lebenFull Life
druidikFull Magic Power
protekRestore Shield
frikGive 1 to 99 Plastyks
pouletfritAdd Boots to Inventory
wonderfulRun Very Fast
glittergoldFree Money
thundergodGod Mode
hermetikInfinite Magic
houdiniInfinite Arrows
end02One Hit to Defeat Barnak
epok1Epok 1 Finished
epok2Epok 2 Finished
epok3Epok 3 Finished


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