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Heroes of Might & Magic 3
Cheat Codes
While playing, press [TAB] then type in the following codes:

nwcigotbetterHero gains 1 level up
nwccastleanthraxHero gains highest luck
nwccoconutsHero gains unlimited move points
nwcmuchrejoicingHero gains top morale
nwconlyamodelBuild all buildings in your castle
nwcsirrobinImmediate failure
nwctrojanrabbit Immediate success
nwcavertingoureyesHero gains extra 35 archangel
nwcantiochHero gains tent, ballista and ammo
nwcalreadygotoneSee the full revealed secret item map
nwcgeneraldirectionSee the full map
nwcshrubberyAll sources increased
nwctimHero gains all magic and 999 spell points
nwcfleshwoundHero gains Death Knights
nwcphisherpriceBrighter colors


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