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Hidden & Dangerous
Cheat Codes,br> First, enter "iamcheater" at any opening screen or menu. Enter the following codes during gameplay. If entered correctly, you will hear a clicking sound.

quickloadLoad Saved Game
nohitsGod Mode
alllootAll Items Available
killthemallKills All Enemies
enemybEnemy View From Behind
debugdrawvolumesWire Mode
debugdrawwireWire Mode
playercoordsYour Current Position
showtheendShow End Movie
gamedoneComplete Current Mission
gamefailFail Current Mission
cantdieGod Mode
goodhealth100% Health
openalldoorOpen All Doors
allitemsAll Items Available
resurrectBring Team Members Back to Life
funnyheadBig Head Mode
enemyfView Enemy
laracroftAlternate Uniforms


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