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Disciples: Sacred Lands
Cheat Codes

iwanttokilleverybodyBe at War With Everyone
iloveallofyouBe at Peace with Everyone
iwanttobuildagainBe Able to Build Again
makemestrongerRecover Health
wouldyou?Be in Alliance With Everyone
givememoney5000 Mana and Gold
upgrademeNext Fight Will Level Up Your Leader and Units
letmemoveRefill Units Movement
playhideandseekBecome Invisible
iwillkeepaneyeonyouReveal Enemy/Monster
whoturnedoffthelightsHide Map
nowicanseeyouReveal Map
whataloseriamInstant Loss
nobodycanbeatmeInstant Win
givemeanotherchanceRevive Dead Units (One unit must still be alive)


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