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Dungeon Keeper 2
Cheat Codes
While playing the game, press CTRL+ALT+C, then type:

this is my churchGet All Rooms
fit the bestGet All Rooms and Traps
i believe its magicGet All Magic
show me the moneyGives Money
now the rain has goneShow Map
feel the powerUpgrade All Monster's Skill to 10
do not fear the reaperWin Level
ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway+100,000 mana (Works with latest patch)

Temple Sacrifices:

2 Dwarves + 1 Dark MistressMake Safe
2 Salamanders1 Dark Mistress
2 Rogues1 Salamander
2 Warlocks1 Goblin
1 Skeleton + 1 Troll1 Bile Demon
2 Dark Elves1 Troll
2 Vampires1 Bile Demon
2 Dark Mistresses1 Skeleton
2 Trolls1 Warlock
3 MonksMana Boost
2 Bile Demons1 Rogue
2 Black Knights1 Vampire
1 Salamander + 1 Dark Elf1 Dark Mistress
2 Skeletons1 Dark Elf
2 Wizards1 Bile Demon
1 Bile Demon + 1 Warlock + 1 Dark ElfReceive Imps


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