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Devil's Island Pinball
Cheat Codes
To activate the cheat codes start the game and then press the [Print Screen] key, and type in the cheat codes:

juvenileTime Decreased
debate teamPoints Added
miss marpleMystery Lit
field goalKickback Lit
none shall passBall Blocker on/off
checkmateSet to Final Ball
geriatricTime Increased
idiot boxVideo Mode Ready
ooga-boogaWitchdoctor Ready
false godsIdol Ready
easter islandBig Ugly Head Ready
pompeiiVolcano Ready
peashooterCannon Ready
deadmanZombie Ball Enabled
mixmasterNext Ingredient Enabled
donutLast Ingredients Enabled
transwarpPowerball Enabled
1 green bottleCannibal Attack Lit
2 green bottlesPirate Gold Lit
3 green bottlesJungle Pursuit Lit
4 green bottlesSnake Slaying Lit
5 green bottlesInto the Lair Lit
6 green bottlesVoodoo Curse Lit
7 green bottlesScorpion Hunt Lit


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