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Colin McRae Rally 2
Cheat Codes
Create new driver profiles, enter any tag, and then these words as name:

curryformeTurbo Boost
allthebuttonsAll Cars
greatnewsAll Tracks
gofasterstripesFaster Cars
garywildassFord Puma Car
turnontheiceBackground Music
boingboingboingBouncer Mode
waveyourleftsReverse Tracks
minimeMini Cooper S Car
evilevoAccess the Mitsubishi Lancer Alternatives
onecarefulownerAll Cars
offroadLancer Road Car
jobinitalyMini Cooper
nuttynetsAgressive Cars
jimmyscarSierra Cosworth
coolestcarFord Puma
letmewinAll Options
morrismodeEscort MK1 Car
wheelybigMonster Tires
shinybuttonsShiny Cars
bouncybouncybouncyReduced Gravity
eatthisFireball (Press Handbrake to Activate)


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