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Backyard Football
Secret Plays
During play, enter the code "moreplays".

More Speed
During play, enter the code "superspeed".

Improved Passes
Before passing, enter the code "sharpeye".

Improved Tackles
Before tackling, enter the code "whatatackle".

Play as Dummies
To play as the practice dummies, in the enter coach name, name the coach MRCLANKY, you will have the Practice Dummies as your season team.

Special Kid
At the Draft Players screen, enter the code "superkid".

No Tackles
To score a touchdown everytime on a running play, type in "invisible" before you do the running play. You will not be seen and cannot be tackled.

Endzone Dance
Type in "BIG SHOT" once you get into the endzone. You do this after you score a touchdown. The game will pause when doing this. To do this you have to do it with Jerry Rice.


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