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Boarder Zone
Cheat Codes

leeEnable Hard Tracks
seivaavideograbbiTake a Photo
hiihtoopeEnable New Rider (Guide)
siipiveikkoliiteleeEnable Hard Tracks
opeEnable New Rider (Guide)
imhotepmaailmojentuhoajaDebug Mode (Press E During Game)

Activate All Boards
Go to your directory where the game is and go to the folder \saved_data. Open the file: Available_Boards.txt. Change what you find to this:


Activate All Levels
First open up the /Saved_Data/ map in your "Supreme" folder.
Then open up "Avaiable_Levels.txt" and change the offsets to:


Save and exit that file.
Then open up "Defaults.txt".
Change the line that says:

available_tracks = 3;
available_tracks = 7;


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