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Age of Wonders
Cheat Mode
First, start the game with the command line parameter of beatrix. You may do this by modifying your shortcut to the game. Your game directories may vary from our example.
(ie: "C:\Age of Wonders\aow.exe" beatrix)

Then you may press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C (you should hear a PING noise) while playing to enter the following cheats:

gold1000 Gold Pieces
mana1000 Mana Crystals
freemoveFree Movement
townsOwnership of All ndependent Towns
researchResearch All Spells
fogToggle Fog on/off
exploreToggle Exploration
spellsResearch All Spells
winCompletes the Level
loseLose the Level
ah teerStart with All Spells and Extra Gold


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