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Army Men: Toys in Space
Cheat Codes
While playing, hit backspace and type: "!throw me a frickin bone here" to enable cheat mode. You may now hit backspace and type any of the other codes:

!florenceGives Unlimited MediKit
!johnny riccoGives 3 Paratroopers
!peep showGives 3 Recons
!heavenly gloryGives 3 AirStrikes
!captain scarletGod Mode
!full montyGod Mode Plus Items
!stay frostyGive Sarge a ForceField
!i like to keep this handyGives Unlimited Bazooka
!patty meltGives Unlimited FlameThrower
!you want someGives Unlimited Grenades
!disco infernoSets Sarge on fire (But Doesnt Hurt Him)
!disco is deadExtinguishes Sarge's Fire
!no one expectsSummons a Horde Of Enemy Troops
!italian jobSets Off A Huge Explosion Around Your Sarge
!its darkHides All Enemy Troops on Mini-Map
!doorTeleports Sarge to Cursor Location
!there is no spoonReveal Enemies on Map
!henryGives 30 Insecticide Spray
!harsh languageGives 20 Fly Swatters
!here's a lockpick...Give Unlimited Flame Napalm
!mibGive Sarge a Laser Rifle
!this one goes to elevenGives 3 Napalm Strikes
!scottyGive 3 SpaceMen Renforcements
!hey stiflerGive Unlimited Glue
!one time...Give 3 Baseballs
!spiny normanGive 3 HammerMines
!let me downDrops Sarges Health to almost 0
!pump me upGive Sarge a Steriods Boost
!rate meShow FPS
!roody-poohGive Unlimited Air Attacks
!the meekLose Scenario
!cut to the chaseWin Scenario
!halloweenChanges the Enemy Troops Into Zombies
!time for bedLose Scenario
!mona lisaGives Random Item
!yippee!!!Gives A Sniper Rifle
!pennyGives Unlimited M80's
!hey danteUnlimited Aerosol
!the sunUnlimited Magnifying Glass
!whistle and fluteGive Sarge a Flak-Jacket
!i woke up this morningGives 9 Blue Disguise
!no sunblockGives 9 Tan Disguise
!incognitoGives 9 Grey Disguise
!i got two words for ya...Gives A MineSweeper
!haunt haunt haunt!Gives 10 Explosives
!sprinklesGives 30 Mines
!hello neoHeavy Laser


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