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Age of Empires
steroidsInstant Build
home runWin the Scenario
bigdaddyCar with Rocket Launcher
big berthaHeavu Catapults Have Greater Range
icbmBallistas Get 100 Range Points
hoyohoyoPriests Speed Up
jack be nimbleCatapults Fire Peasants
medusaVillagers Become Medusa
diediedieDeath to Everyone
resignYou Resign
reveal mapShows Entire Map
pepperoni pizza1000 Food
coinage1000 Gold
woodstock1000 Wood
quarry1000 Stone
no fogRemove Fog of War
hari kariSuicide
photon manReceive a Nuke Trooper
gaiaControl the Animals
e=mc2 trooperFuturistic Trooper
upsidflintmobileChariot Archers Speed Up
flying dutchmanJuggernaughts Turn Into Flying Dutchmen


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