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Actua Soccer 3
Cheat Codes
At the Main screen, press Enter, then any of the following "Codes", then Enter again:

no thanksTop 50 Babes 2
yes pleaseTop 50 Babes 1
chip buttyVirtual Blades
cpu spudPattis Shandi Men
double troubleGremlin Staff 2
wide boysGremlin Staff 1
spit n spinActua Soccer Web
tff hobbyBoat Racers
flagstoningFighting Forth
lee the pigHeavenly HTFC
playmates on teamPamela Anderson
bin manFood Group
longdon girlsArsenal Ladies
shameDoncaster Rovers
candy manDicks Pick N Mix
shadwell townThe Hardmen
miss wilkoDud's Spuds


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