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Actua Soccer 3
Sony PlayStation
Enter the codes as the team name when you create a custom team to unlock the bonus teams.

Dud's Spudsmiss wilko
Top 50 Babes 2no thanks
Top 50 Babes 1yes please
Virtual Bladeschip butty
Pattis Shandi Mencpu spud
Fighting Forthflagstoning
Heavenly HTFClee the pig
Ledbury FCsink or swim
Arsenal Ladieslongdon girls
Doncaster Roversshame
Gremlin Staff 2double trouble
Gremlin Staff 1wide boys
Dicks Pick N Mixcandy man
The Hardmenshadwell town
Forest Starsmen in tights
Wednesday Starsbarmy army
Maddness Fridayimpossibility
Green House Testozone layer
Skellington Unitedgrim reaper
Chalton Starsvalley boys
Best of Spursdiamond lights
Derby Starsram raiders
Arsenal 70-90tea total
Boro Starsemmersons woe
Leed's United All-Starsbremners boot
Everton Starsduncnnomore
Big Headstop hat
Actua Soccer Webspit n spin
Boat Racerstff hobby
Food Groupbin man
Coventry Starslady godiva
Soton Starsdell boys
West Ham Starswright buy
Liverpool 77-98scouse perms
Chelsea Starsforeign legion
Blackburn 94-95down down down
Busby Babessir matt
24 extra teamsprem clubs
Dons Starsfash the cash
Newcastle Starsdown the toon
Cyborg Roversmetal heads
FC Gremlini made this
Shearer's XXXsexy football
5 Nations Selectrule brittania
Wigan 98-98egg chasers
Classic Ipswitchbald fritz
Villa Starsbit of claret
Leicester Starsfruit n veg
24 joke teamstff teams


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