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Actua Soccer 2
Sony PlayStation
Enter the codes at the main menu.

Gremlin 11Left, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Circle
Super furry animalsLeft, Left, Square, Right, Right, Circle, Up, Down
Ghost ballSquare, Square, Left, Left, Right, Right, Circle, Circle
Beach ballLeft, Right, Left, Up, Left, Right, Square, Square
Small playersCircle, Down, Down, Square, Up, Up, Left, Right
Invisible playersSquare, Circle, Down, Circle, Up, Right ,Square ,Left
Gigant playersUp, Down, Down, Right, Square, Square, Circle, Circle
Break reflectorsLeft, Left, Left, Circle, Right, Right, Right, Square
Black-white modeUp, Down, Up, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Up


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